dipl. des. mathias fritzen

digital design — creative direction

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better copenhagen

together with swiss based creatives steven käser and rebecca roberts we created the company presentation for better copenhagen. after distilling tons of material on the basis of simon sineks approach to »start with the why«, prezi was the tool of choice to implement our final results. »i've never seen something like that in the industry.« (better ceo).

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well... there is something sketchy with watercolor on the left, something haptic and glossy in the middle and flat-design with long shadows on the right side. I was so close to telling you what all that is about.

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full responsive redesign of callcenterprofi.de on behalf of dusseldorf based agency digistry. the design deliverables included color palets, iconsets and the modular restructurization of all types of content. following principles of atomic design we worked seamlessly together with front- and backend development.

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sinnthese combines auditive and visual content to a new experience: a real audiobook. I illustrated 25 songs from different genres and printed them to high quality paper. turning the pages triggers a chip to automatically play the matching song. haptic, visual, auditive and the interpretational space in between. a prototype exploring cross-digital borders.

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on behalf of cologne based agency people interactive and together with a great team of experts from different fields we fully reshaped the online portal of gothaer insurance. having the visual lead my job was to consistently translate the user centered approach to all aspects of the visual design. authentic imagery, spacious interaction-design and intuitive fee calculation.

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steven käser

with processing we created an algorithm that automatically generates random circular one-line-graphics. around the absolute center of our morphing logo, these graphics stand for flexibility, individuality and directness – typical for our clients unique way of coaching. besides its use in print products as shown, we created the logo as a performant animation for desktop and mobile devices.

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ddv portal

as ddv is the shortcut for german dialogue marketing association, we assisted hamburg based lead agency schipper company to create a dialogue centered design. the automatically collected and arranged tiles build the core of our new homescreen. each content is login dependent and filterable. alongside the digital relaunch schipper company provided a fresh new brand indentity for ddv.

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schooling framework is the heart of an exciting doctor thesis in the making. for further details please don't hesitate to contact claudio abels directly. speaking about the identity we created a plain monotype textblock on a flat blue box. the logo comes to live looking at its background: a processing-animated intelligent school of fish that swims in ever changing intriguing patterns. why the retro devices? because they rock.

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kfw chancen

in the web, on tablets and smartphones: the magazine of banking-group KFW contains a broad range of responsive modules. video, interactive graphics, galleries, poll, commentary and many more. for cologne based agency people interactive I worked on the digital editions of the magazine.

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my singularity

paradigms change faster and faster and this process has not been completed, yet. can you imagine twenty thousand years of technological evolution packed in only two decades? innovations breed innovations and intelligence breeds intelligence, until the human nature will irreversibly be transformed. what is the ultimate destiny of man and machine? which events are lying ahead for the next 200 years? 1 app with 50 topics organized in 5 phases. 200 years to come pictured in 150 illustrations.

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today you find various readymade iconsets on the web. they may be fine in some cases, but when it comes down to interface-centered digital projects for brands with a distinctive visual language it is a must to create unique icons. the ones you see here were designed for different clients and projects.